Channel Master DVR+ HD Digital Video Recorder

Expert Review

The DVR+ might be a bit misleading to some consumers so let me clarify things up front. Channel Master's unit works just like a typical DVR, designed for use with over-the-air HDTV antennas. You can record your broadcasts in uncompressed HD, watch and record one show while recording another at the same, and easily search and set recordings for your favorite shows, even pause live TV... all without the monthly subscription fee. But there's one fundamental issue here that some consumers might find fault with; and that's the lack of a storage drive in the unit. So while the Channel Master is performing all of these DVR functions with high-resolution picture quality, it's up to you to provide an external hard drive for storing all of your content. That means you're paying for an extra piece of equipment after you've already spent around $250 and this could turn some people off to the product. On the flipside, you have total control over the storage space capacity of your DVR, whether you want smaller size or larger; and if it ever fails you don't have to worry about getting rid of the entire unit. Just replace the external hard drive. The inclusion of the VUDU service offers wider viewing options for on-demand content in addition to shows, movies, and live sports you can pick up through your HDTV antenna.Rating: 4.5/5