Chess USA Elite Tournament Combination Set

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ChessUSA brings their Elite Combination set to the list, a workhorse of a tournament set that includes 34 high-grade plastic chessmen in black and ivory, including two extra queens in the group. The plastic is not cheap and flimsy, but instead thick and durable with smooth texture and Staunton styling. The black and cream colored board is made of tear-resistant vinyl and rolls up easily, it's covered in tournament regulation 2.25 inch squares on a 20 x 20 size board. Unfurled, the playing surface lies flat and won't curl. All of this comes in your choice of a long, tube-shaped tote bag or a loop bag, each one offering its own advantages to make it tailor-made for the consumer's specific needs. The longer bag holds everything including board, pieces, and there's even room for a clock, while the loop bag offers a zippered pouch with a nylon loop to hold the board.Rating: 4.5/5

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