Clear One Max Wireless One Phone Conference System

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    Clear One's wireless conferencing system offers a number of advantages over the competition. The unit has been designed for use in any size conference room, allowing for the system to be expanded over multiple devices. Use just one Max EX phone unit for smaller rooms or connect up to four of them for complete coverage of much larger spaces with numerous microphones, speakers and keypads placed throughout your conference area. The Max EX uses noise and echo cancelling filters to reduce background interference so you come through loud and clear to the other party and they, in turn, sound like they're right there in the room with you instead of across town or halfway a world away. Three integrated, highly-sensitive microphones can pick up everything within 12 feet at a 360 degree radius making this a true omni-directional conference system. The loudspeaker offers total sound accuracy that lets you decipher between various voices on the other end of the line, so you know who's speaking at all times. The Max EX is even self-equalizing so no one comes in too hot or distorted on either end, as the unit automatically controls the gain levels throughout the duration of the call.Rating: 5/5

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