Colnago Master Steel Road Bike

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Expert Review

Colnago introduced its Master race bike to the world in the mid-80s and it has remained a cycling connoisseur’s favorite ever since. I own one of these glorious bikes and it’s true when people say there’s something special about a Colnago. Explaining it is akin to putting to words the warmth of a child’s embrace. Riding a Master feels great every single time, and you know it will feel great so the anticipation of that next ride builds into a big ol’ grin because each mile out there will be sublime. This bike performs at the highest level no matter the topography, built with specific geometry to keep it stable and fast on descents, springy on climbs, and with tarmac-eating speed in the sprints. Describe the Master with one word you ask? That's an easy one: fluid.

The Master’s trademark, star-shaped tubing which are joined by exquisite chrome lugs bring a tailored balance of stiffness and compliance. The Precisa, chrome-plated straight fork helps reduce ride fatigue and adds to the bikes overall elegant look; Colnago bikes are true works of art, with eye-popping paint schemes and glowing finishes. After all, a bike with this kind of pedigree should look the part, no? With 16 sizes and several color variations, the Master delivers. Dealer builds allow a wide range of component choices and expect frame/fork to weigh in at around 5 pounds to round out a 57cm full bike weighing in at less than 18 pounds.Rating: 5/5

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