Cutters Winterized Football Receiver Gloves

Cutters Winterized Football Receiver Gloves Add to MyBests

Expert Review

Catching a fast pass in the cold weather can be incredibly difficult, even if you are wearing a pair of gloves. This problem was the primary focus in the development of Cutters Winterized receiver gloves. Cutters has always been a top name in football gloves and this particular upgrade has undoubtedly put them head and shoulders above the competition, especially when it comes to teams who play the majority of their games where the weather is cold. These gloves feature a soft and comfortable fleece liner that keep your hands warm and capable of performing despite frigid conditions. While they are designed for the chillier weather, the Winterized receiver gloves are also very breathable allowing receivers in any area to wear them comfortable all year round. These gloves are very comfortable and have a great surface for gripping and hanging onto the ball making them a great addition to any receivers repertoire.Rating: 5/5

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