CyberPower CST1300ALU 1300VA 810W 10 Outlet UPS

Expert Review

While this UPS does have some great features, there are also a few weaknesses that should be kept in mind while comparing it to other models. The 1300VA and 810W output capacities are worth considering because it offers less overall power than some other UPS models available. If that is enough power for your hardware, however, then that is perfect. This pick provides 10 outlets, five of which only have surge protection without battery backup along with two USB ports, a pair of coaxial connections, and two connections for phone. Perhaps the biggest weakness of this UPS is it has a very short runtime of only two minutes under full load, though it does offer 10 minutes of time under half load. The 1,500 Joules of surge suppression is excellent but the low backup runtimes may present some issues.Rating: 4.25/5

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