ddrum J2P 522 SILVER SPKL Journeyman Piece Drum Set

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    ddrum has created a great mid-level drum set for metal with the Journeyman series. The Journeyman Gen.2 Double Down features two 18x22 inch Bass drums for the classic metal look and sound. The shells are a combination of basswood and birch that results in a very powerful sound. The standard configuration features two rack toms and two floor toms as well as featuring a very deep snare drum with enough sound for the metal genre.

    The kit usually includes durable hardware so you only have to supply cymbals and a throne. The mounting hardware for the toms is very sturdy but still allows many options for placement. Two bass drum pedals are also (typically) included with the hardware. While these pedals will probably be upgraded, they are very functional for learning to play two separate bass drums and can save you some money before you decide to upgrade down the line. It also offers more options for tuning the two bass drums for different sounds.

    The kit is in the mid-level price range and is actually very inexpensive when considering you’re buying two bass drums, four toms, and a unique snare. With the included hardware, this drum set is an incredible deal!Rating: 4/5

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