Deepcool Steam Castle M Mini Computer Case

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Expert Review

I've built computers around this case before and found its high quality construction very easy to work with. This case has three 2.4/3.5 inch drive bays and another cage housing two more 2.5 inch drives but the downside to these is that they are non-removable which reduces drive flexibility somewhat. It also has one exposed 5.25 inch bay on the front of the case.

Cooling is handled by mounts for a 200/140/120 millimeter fan in the front of the case, two 120/140 millimeter fans on the top and one 120 millimeter fan in the rear (Two 120 millimeter fans are included from the factory). The top panel can accommodate radiators up to 240 millimeters in length. The result is a well-rounded amount of cooling options.

The front panel features a steam punk-look which includes sculpted corners on the front panel and four stylized, round air vents on the top of the case equipped with LED lights (which can be changed to glow red, green, or blue by turning a dial on the side of the case). USB ports, audio ports and the power button are also to be found on the side of the case. In the end, if the steam punk style is up to your personal tastes, you'll find using this case very satisfactory.Rating: 4/5