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As of June 11th, 2014
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    Upon it’s release in early 2007, Denon’s remarkable powerhouse of a home theater system, the S-302, turned the audio world on it’s head when the critics first heard the accuracy and the full low-end that this compact yet sleek system delivered. Critics worldwide were blown away by the S-302’s connectivity with the I-pod, it’s wireless speaker configuration and it’s ability to upscale video resolution up to 1080p.

    In the last two years, nothing has changed to degrade this great system at all. In fact, Bose has recently lowered the retail price on this beauty from its initial cost of $2,990 to a much more reasonable $1,690.

    The featured subwoofer packs a powerful punch with its 100 watts of dedicated low-end power, which replicates with perfect precision the explosions and high-impact crashes associated with action-packed movie sequences that now dominate Hollywood movies.

    With this system’s uncanny capability to push high-end audio to both of the attached satellite speakers, making this 3-speaker configuration sound much more like a 7.1 digital speaker system.

    The fact that the three speakers feature wireless set-up and will make any room sound like a genuine movie theater, insured me that the Denon S-302 deserved to be the #1 home theater system on this best of list.
    Rating: 5/5

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    • new homes Tampa new homes Tampa

    I would love to have something like that in my home. I saw something like this in a mall and they are so expensive. I will saving for those and purchase them by December (hopefully).

    Posted on 10/15/2009 12:12 pm | Reply