Diamond Back Fitness Assault Bike

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Expert Review

The Diamondback Fitness Assault Bike uses a giant fan for resistance which is an old school throw back with some new aged technology. Fan resistance comes with its own sets of pros and cons which makes it pretty polarizing among exercise bike users. The large fan offers unlimited resistance and a natural cooling element, but on the other hand it can be uncomfortably noisy. The Assault Bike carries the same features as other air resistance bikes, but what makes it special is what sets it apart from other air resistance bikes. It offers thick-gauge, chro-moly steel, sealed cartridge bearings and oversized pivots which basically ensure this bike is nearly indestructible.

The Assault Bike also offers a simple to read, yet entirely advanced console which you can navigate with only a few buttons. It offers seven different workout programs including six preset workouts and one custom interval workout. Other features that make this bike special include an adjustable seat, both vertical and horizontal, and moving handle bars which get your arms in on the action. The warranty on the Assault Bike is a little questionable with a maximum of five years on the entire bike, but once you touch the bike you can tell it's so well made it doesn’t really need one.Rating: 4.25/5

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