DieHard Platinum Booster Cables

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Expert Review

DieHard Platinum Booster Cables are a best pick based on being an all-around great quality jumper cable. The cables come as a kit with gloves and safety glasses included. Which comes in handy since we all seem to end up with dirty hands when jump starting a car. It includes a case to keep all your items stored together. Made with 4 gauge copper wire these cables will give you the best conductivity and power transfer you could ask for. Jumping a full size truck would not be an issue while also flexible enough to be used in the tighter spaces of a compact car. A full 20 feet in length the DieHard Platinum Booster Cables give you a wide range of hookup possibilities, making highway jumping much safer. This also allows for jump starting from front or rear mounted batteries. Although they have a much higher price than your average set, the quality is well worth the price. Whether storing them in your trunk or laying in the bed of a pickup truck, the DieHard Platinum Booster Cables are definitely built to last.Rating: 4.5/5