Digisky Digital GO 4039 Exposure Meter for Flash and Ambient Light for Cameras

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    Gossen is a company out of Germany known for quality light meters and spectrometers. They offer a full range of meters, from the entry level Digisix 2, with its analog dials, up to their creme-of-the-crop DIGISKY. What sets the DIGISKY apart from the pack is it's capable of directly triggering flashes from Broncolor, Elinchrom, and Phottix. That's a unique ability, no other handheld light meter can claim the same. Broncolor and Elinchrom, particularly, are industry leaders that use proprietary communications protocols to communicate within each company's respective flash products, so this feature is no incidental line item.

    The DIGISKY also feature a full color touchscreen, also not a common feature among light meters, as well as hard buttons for cursor control, menu, and data modes. And, as typical with Gossen products, the DIGISKY is a stylish and good-looking light meter. Its classy, glossy black finish and sleek form-factor belie the fact this light meter is quite light to the touch, if not "plastic", and doesn't feel necessarily premium since the buttons don't feel solid and click a little too loudly. Despite the questionable build quality, the DIGISKY has it where it counts, on the inside.

    Gossen's DIGISKY is highly accurate for photography and equally capable for cinema shooters. A benefit of LCD touchscreens is they can easily switch modes and display important information and menu buttons for entirely different uses, like the switch from photography modes to video. The DIGISKY's menu system and soft buttons are well thought out and intuitive and the whole unit is a pleasure to use and navigate.

    Even though the Gossen DIGISKY Light Meter is rather costly for a light meter, the fact that it can do some things that other light meters can not, for some, makes it a worthwhile purchase and a valuable, if not necessary, addition to their workflow.Rating: 4.5/5

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