Digital Storm Bolt II Ultimate Battle Box Edition

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Expert Review

There's a lot to like about this gaming computer, and even though the customization options on it aren't exactly mind-blowing, the default setup is already quite good. It comes with an Intel i7 quad-core processor, but there's no option for upgrading to a six or eight core model, so keep that in mind. You get 16GB of DDR3 memory with this computer, which is pretty good but there's no option to upgrade to DDR4 RAM.

This system has custom tubing for CPU liquid cooling, but no option for liquid-cooling on the video card, which is a little disappointing. It comes with an NVIDIA GTX Titan Z 12GB video card, which you can upgrade to a Titan X model if you really need the ultimate level of video performance possible. Although there's no option for adding additional video cards with this system, one Titan card should be sufficient for most builds. While this is already a great gaming computer, it would just be even better if Digital Storm offered more upgrade options when you’re in the process of ordering it.Rating: 4/5

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