Digitech DOD-MEATBOX sub synth guitar effect pedal

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    The DOD Meatbox bass synth pedal is definitely capable of boosting the low end of your bass signal, but that’s not where the fun stops. The pedal is also able to produce distortion and can seamlessly sculpt the sound of your signal using the unit’s interactive EQ controls. The Meatbox’s Octave control balances the mix of the subharmonic signal to the dry, unaffected signal, while the Sub control adjusts the boost or cut of that subharmonic frequency. Meanwhile, the Low knob provides similar adjustments to the low-frequency band of your signal. The pedal is also equipped with a TRS jack that gives players the ability to route a split signal of the octave/sub sound and the dry signal, which gives you even more control of your sound whether in a live setting or during recording. And unlike the original FX32 that this pedal is based on, the Meatbox is a true bypass, so your rig’s signal will never be compromised when the unit is not in use.Rating: 4/5

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