DiMarzio DP409 Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 Strat Pickup

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Expert Review

The DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues guitar pickup offers all of the perks of a single coil pickup yet lacks any of the drawbacks that typically drive players over to the humbucking side. With more power and warmth than what you would normally find in a single coil, the VVB produces a thick sound that is perfect for confident-sounding blues leads. This is especially advantageous for guitars that have a thin sound or guitarists who favor lighter-gauge strings. Like the humbucker model that its sound emulates, it also is free of any unwanted buzz or hum. The mids and lows are boosted with this pickup as well, yet guitars that utilize this device will still benefit from excellent pick attack. They say you can’t have your cake and eat it, too, but it turns out you actually can with the Virtual Vintage Blues pickup. And that’s nothing to get the blues about.Rating: 4/5

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