DiMarzio DP720 D Activator 7-String Bridge Humbucker Pickup

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Expert Review

DiMarzio’s D Activator 7-String guitar pickup offers a well-balanced EQ that brings out the best and fullest capability of a 7-string instrument. The highs are bright but not too thin, the lows are thick but not too muddy, and the mid-range is enhanced in a way that will make your guitar sound thick. The D Activator offers plenty of headroom, which helps to avoid the sound that many active pickups have (hitting a brick wall of compression when you get to a certain volume point). In this case, you can play as hard as you want without bringing unwanted dynamics to the table, but playing quietly gives the pickup room to breathe and express the subtlety to your playing. Of course, subtlety may not be the number one thing most players are going after, and this pickup understands that approach totally as it’s built to be a beast, and if riffing is your thing, then this is most likely your pickup.Rating: 4/5

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