Dr. No Octofuzz Octave Pedal

Expert Review

The Dr. No Octofuzz guitar pedal is of boutique lineage for sure, but that shouldn’t be held against it for those who are looking to get great tone at an affordable price. As its name implies, this unit combines a fuzz effect with an octave effect for some seriously tone-pleasing results. And while the effects can be used in conjunction with one another, the pedal also has a toggle switch so that the Octaver can be used solely as a fuzz effect. Three simple knobs is all it takes to get this thing cooking; Gain cranks up the fuzz, while Intensity functions as sort of a tone/octave level knob, and Volume controls the signal output. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Hendrix, emulate modern rock sounds like Queens of the Stone Age, or looking for an all-inclusive fuzz/octave experience, you’d do well to pay a visit to Dr. No.Rating: 4.25/5

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