DrumKat Turbo 4.5 Midi Percussion Controller

Expert Review

There’s been many situations where I haven’t had space on stage for a full set of electronic drums so I’ve used a DrumKat, an advanced midi controller and performance pad in one. This pad is very easy to play because of its clever layout designed to look like a cat (but it looks more like a mouse if you ask me.)

The design actually helps the player because the "ears" can be programmed to be cymbals and the rest of the pads are shaped like descending toms. All the pads are programmable with various drum sounds and even can be programmed to play back 8 different sounds in succession via different midi channels. Full songs can be played on this kit, not just the drums, but the guitar parts as well.

With the Drumkat Turbo 4.5, the sound possibilities are endless when it’s hooked up to a computer and used with a sequencer. It’s very easy to attach foot pedals to this drum pad for a kick drum and high-hat but these pedals can also be programmed to the tune of instrument you want. This kit is perfect for musical theater drummers who need to make quick changes with multiple instruments.Rating: 4/5

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