Dunlop JDF2 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face Distortion Pedal

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Expert Review

Jimi Hendrix ran his guitar through the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face on classic albums like Electric Ladyland, and in the process he changed the way guitarists viewed the fuzz effect. Despite the powerful sounds that this pedal is capable of producing, the controls are pretty simple; a Volume knob controls the output of the signal, while a Fuzz knob affects the amount of effect that is made in the unit. If you’re looking to emulate the tone of one of the greatest guitarists of all-time, this pedal is a great place to start. Its rugged construction also ensures this pick won’t break easily, even in your most passionate, Hendrix-channeling performances. However, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to light the pedal on fire so be sure to clear some space between your effects and your guitar when you decide to go full-on Jimi.Rating: 5/5

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