Duralast/3/8 in. Drive 5/8 in. Spark Plug Socket

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Expert Review

The Duralast /3/8 in. drive 5/8 in. spark plug socket is a solid choice because the plug retainer relies on a magnet. This allows it to grip the plug you take out a lot better. Most spark plug sockets that have a retainer use rubber, so the magnet makes this socket a lot better in terms of grip. This is also great if you ever end up having to use your socket in the rain, where the water might affect rubber's gripping capabilities. That won't happen with the magnet. This socket also comes with an elongated extension bar, giving the socket an overall length of around 15 inches. If you have spark plugs in awkward places, then this socket is perfect for you because the extension bar eliminates the need to stick your hands down into the engine.Rating: 4.25/5