DW 5000 Double Pedal DWCP5002AD4 - Delta III Accelerator

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Expert Review

It seems like the most popular bass drum pedal is the DW 5000 series, a chain driven pedal that combines speed and power s. With the distinct red base and black and silver footboard, these pedals are easily recognizable behind any drummer’s setup and they’re almost as smooth as the DW 9000 at a fraction of the price.

I usually reach for my 5000 double pedal when I need more volume from my kick drum; I actually switched away from 5000 pedals many years ago because they simply did not stay attached to the bass drum. DW noticed this too and has developed a better toe clamp and it also features three independent rubber pads that firmly attach the pedal to the hoop. This is a great improvement in the design of the pedal while the two-way beater is built for pure power, providing you with a lot of thump.

It’s important to note there are several different models of 5000 series double pedals with the biggest difference being the cam design. I prefer the Accelerator cam because it feels a bit faster than the Turbo cam as it feels like the Accelerator requires less effort to play. Also worth mentioning is that the new spring rocker that makes the pedal feel smoother. To me DW 5000 pedals have always required a lot of effort to get going and the new spring design makes it much easier to play. Another noteworthy option is that these pedals are available without pedalboards.Rating: 4.5/5