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    DW Collector’s Series drums are the best drums for Rock drumming as they have the best tone of any drum set, and are powerful enough to compete with any rock band. The DW Collector's series shells can be made from a variety of wood types, but I prefer the warmth and maturity of the all-maple shells. Birch, cherry, and hybrid shells with multiple kinds of wood are also available and are made-to-order. The drums are available in just about every size and configuration available in addition to being available in custom made shapes based on the buyer’s preference.

    The hardware is completely customizable and is the most durable money can buy. You can choose between die cast or triple flange hoops as well as from a variety of maple bass drums hoops covered with a fine leather. DW’s true hoop is designed to have a better tone and keep the drums in tune while the tom mounts permit the drum to be mounted securely in place but allow for the maximum amount of vibration.

    DW’s true-pitch tuning rods have a finer threading which gives you a larger tuning range. One of the things that I like most about this kit, is the ability to create custom looking drums. Many Rock bands are looking for a drummer that stands out from the crowd, and DW drums can help you achieve that look; you can choose one of five different finishes for the hardware and there are even different options for the way that the tom mount is attached to the bass drum. They are the most beautiful drums on the market, and can be customized to any color or fade imaginable.Rating: 5/5

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