DW Collector's Series All-Maple Snare Drum 5x13"

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Expert Review

DW’s All-Maple Collector’s Series Snare drums excel in just about every genre of music and that smaller sized ones are perfect for hip hop. I’ve found that many professional hip hop drummers prefer the 5x13-inch all-maple drum because it has a nice tight sound which locks in a groove, and works well in the studio. It has plenty of pop and its maple shell provides a good foundation for the many processing effects that are typical of hip hop production.

The 10-ply shell is made from North American Maple and has a 6-ply reinforcement hoop to retain a pure tone. The drum has a 60-degree bearing edge as well as a lacquered interior which helps generate its superior sound. The hoops and hardware are some of the finest around and are more durable than what you’ll find on many other high-end snare drums. I’ve also found that the strainer is a bit more solid than some of its competitors. This drum can be customized to your personal taste with plenty of options for shell and hardware finishes available. With high-quality DW hardware and design, this is one of the best drums that you will ever purchase.Rating: 4.5/5

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