DW Collector's Series All-Maple Snare Drum 6x14"

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Expert Review

DW's Collector's Series All-Maple Snare Drum is one of the best sounding drums for rock because it creates a very consistent sound. In fact, DW's Collector's series drums are used by top professionals because of their superior quality and amazing sound. This drum has a 60 degree bearing edge along with a lacquered interior which helps to produce its unique, superior sound. These drums are available in countless different sizes and quite frankly they all sound great. I prefer the 6x14 inch size because it offers a full sound that’s very versatile.

Available in several different shell types, I recommend the all-maple shell for its warmth and pure tone. The 10-ply shell is made from North American Maple and has a 6-ply reinforcement hoop to retain a pure tone. Additionally, the hoops and hardware are some of the finest around since they’re more durable than other high-end snare drums. I find that the strainer is a bit more solid than some of its competitors. This drum can be customized to your personal taste with plenty of options for shell and hardware finishes available.Rating: 4.25/5

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