DW Collector's Series Bell Bronze

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Expert Review

DW’s Bell Bronze is a very unique drum because it has a bronze shell which is one of the few metals that can compete with brass for intensity as it offers a unique sound for extremely loud volumes. The DW Bell Bronze provides great tone and intense volume while the hardware is extremely durable and well made. The hoops can handle intense rim shots and high tension tuning while the strainer is extremely high-quality and won’t fall apart.

The drum is available in 5.5x14 and 6.5x14 sizes and as with most metal drums, I prefer the deeper 6.5x14 size for increased volume capacity. There are also several different options for hardware colors. DW has become synonymous with expensive, but unfortunately the best musical instruments often are. This drum is expensive but is actually evenly priced with some of my other picks.Rating: 4.25/5

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