Dynaudio Confidence C1

Expert Review

The Dynaudio Confidence C1s come in at around $4,000 its a price well worth the sound. They have an amazing confident sound no matter how complex the music, the C1s find a balance between the mixes that through other speakers sound muddy. This is thanks to the C1s exceptional bass performance, they use the sound remains full but still has a solid punch. Though the C1s can provide a well defined bass no matter how well produced or bass heavy a song is, they also shine in total with the tweeter, mid range and slim cabinet design. The C1s feature Dynaudios Esotar tweeter, a mid/bass driver with aluminum voice coil, and the highest quality crossover. When looking into getting the C1s you should not stray from an quality amplifier to get the full performance from these speakers.Rating: 4.75/5

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