Dynaudio Xeo 3 and 5 Wireless Speakers

Expert Review

Dynaudio is a home-grown audio firm which unlike many of the big names in audio, manufactures all of its own components and generates all of its designs in-house. This means no other speaker out there can sound like a Dynaudio. They don’t source drivers or designs from other companies and they don’t sell their own. Every speaker in their line is unique, all the way up to the Evidence Series, regarded by many as some of the finest loudspeakers in the world alongside the likes of Focal, Wilson and Calyx. The Xeos are not Dynaudio’s finest speakers, but they are a crucial early development in high-end audio and like the competing speakers listed here from Bang & Olufsen and Focal, help set the bar for the world of wireless audio brewing just beneath the surface of widespread commercial distribution.

The Xeo 3 and Xeo 5 are definite HiFi-worthy speakers in their own right, combining to create a seamless, well-timed system which will serve most listeners’ purposes for both music and movies by delivering a wide soundstage with a pleasantly full sound. Dynaudio doesn’t have a subwoofer to match its speakers yet, meaning a wireless sub will have to be acquired elsewhere in order to complete a true surround sound setup, but there are plenty of excellent options to round out the setup (See my review of "Best Wireless Wireless Subwoofers") The Xeo 5 has a noticeably full sound, with a bit of emphasis in the midbass region to give extra impact and body to the sound. Those who don’t demand a more physical bass response might be happy without a subwoofer. This extra emphasis thankfully comes without the all-too-common veiling of the midrange or sacrifices in clarity, and becomes tight and punchy with proper burn-in. They aren’t the most energetic sounding speakers, with just a touch of veiling in the upper midrange, but overall clarity and detail are both excellent.

The Xeo 5 image very well, and have a wide, very dynamic, full sound when properly placed (A foot or two from walls is optimal for minimizing emphasis from the midbass). The Xeo 3 are comparably equipped and while they don’t offer the tactile bass of the 5s, the overall sound matches the 5s well. Their sense of timing and ability to convey detail and depth in the soundstage is simply excellent.

Personally, I’d still go for an extra subwoofer just for the added realism of proper bass extension to ~20hz, but the Xeos do fine without as they sound full on their own (Individuals who use their speakers primarily for music likely won’t feel the need for one.) All in all Dynaudio has an excellent package in the Xeos, which deliver a full, clear sonic image, and excellent dynamic presence which will do justice to any and all musical styles.Rating: 4.5/5

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