Edlund 700SS Manual Crown Punch Opener

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    From a technical standpoint, this specialty can opener is actually the best option on our list but the cost is prohibitive unless there is a definite need. But if cost is no object, than the Edlund 700SS Heavy-Duty Manual Crown Punch Can Opener will open cans faster than you can say open-says-a-me! This can opener works like a paper punch. You just put the can beneath the blade, pull down on the lever, and it will almost instantly open the can.

    The blades are set-up to open #10 coffee cans, but the Edlund Company will install blades so that you can open standard soup cans, which are #1, baked bean cans and sauce cans, #300, or fruit and vegetable cans, which are #303 types. This is the can opener to get whether you need it for a commercial setting where multiple cans need to be opened quickly or if you simply just want bragging rights for the baddest can opener on the planet. For handicapped people who cannot use their arms, hands, or wrists effectively, this pull lever would be a perfect solution given you have the budget for it.Rating: 4.25/5

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