EK Water Blocks EK-Kit L360 (R2.0) Water Cooling Kit

EK Water Blocks EK-Kit L360 (R2.0) Water Cooling Kit Add to MyBests

Expert Review

This kit has pretty much everything you need to get a computer set up with liquid cooling. All the hardware you need, including the pump and other attachments, are all included and set up is pretty straightforward and simple. It has 2 meters (around 6 feet) of tubing for you to use inside your computer, which should be more than enough for just about any system. There are three 120mm fans included with this kit, which is great, but you will need to choose a different model if you want fewer fans or ones of a different size. It lacks much of a "wow factor" from features like LEDs or colored coolant, but it works well. This kit supports a number of different AMD and Intel processors, so it is a great choice for a wide range of setups.Rating: 4.5/5

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