Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone Phase Shifter Pedal

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Expert Review

Electro-Harmonix’s Bad Stone phase shifter pedal provides six stages of phase shifting, giving guitarists quite a few options in directing how they want their guitar’s tone to be modulated. A manual feedback setting allows you to reign in the effect, or let it loose for full-on, watery chaos. Unlike the original, the reissue of the Bad Stone has a lower frequency range, which allows you to affect the signal to bass notes and deeper chords. Additionally, the Bad Stone is a true bypass pedal, so it will never suck out the character of your chain’s tone when it’s not being used in your rig. This pedal isn’t just built link a tank in its die-cast package, but it’s also easy to power. It comes with the single 9V battery that the pedal requires to be powered, but also can take juice from an optional power supply working in conjunction with the Bad Stone’s built-in AC jack.Rating: 4.25/5

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