Electro Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress Flanger Chorus Pedal

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Best Guitar Flange Pedal

As of November 8th, 2012
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    Cool Deal: Although we are talking Flangers here, you also get a full-fledged Chorus pedal in this super-rugged XO Stereo Electric Mistress. I'd be more than happy at this point to shell out my hard-earned paper-route money, but there is certainly more to shout about. Of course, you have a complement of controls that allows you to dial-in just the kind of Flange that you want. And, hence the name, we have true stereo out, which will make you sound like a king if you have two dedicated amps and a little room to separate them. The real star of the show here is "Filter Matrix mode". With this feature, you can "Grab" your tone in a specific spot on the filter spectrum and play with that sound. Only Electro Harmonix would think of something like that, and you can be sure it sounds very cool. If you are in the market for a fantastic sounding Flanger (and don't mind getting two pedals in one), the Electro-Harmonix XO Stereo Electric Mistress should be # 1 on your list. Rating: 5/5

    Best Guitar Flange Pedal
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