Electrolux EFLS627UTT Front Load Washing Machine

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Electrolux has quietly made a name for themselves by offering reliable, high-performance washing machines that focus on one thing in particular: top-of-the-line clothing care. The EFLS627UTT is the company's home laundry flagship, combining its renowned washing capabilities with all of the features you'd expect from today's best washing machines.

In terms of basic specifications, the EFLS627UTT is a front-loading washing machine with a 4.4 cubic foot capacity. Unlike other manufacturers pushing design boundaries with multiple washers and a literal built-in sink, Electrolux has opted to refine its design and focus on functionality. The control panel carries the trademark circular display that has graced the company's consumer washers for years. Each of the 9 wash cycles can be accessed by pressing the dedicated buttons on the panel, and the display shows the estimated time left to complete the washing cycle.

In addition to its performance when it comes to washing clothes, the EFLS627UTT also includes a long list of convenience-enhancing features. The loading compartment for the detergent has been redesigned to accept detergent pods; when paired with the SmartBoost detergent pre-mixing feature, it ensures that there is a consistent ratio of detergent to water before it ever reaches the washing drum. Several other features allow the EFLS627UTT to stand out from the crowd, including a pre-soak feature designed to lift stubborn stains from clothes. As with other machines in this category, steam clean functionality can help remove stains in a more gentle manner than tumbling the clothes in the drum. If you're in a rush, there's also a 15-minute fast wash feature that will deliver passably clean clothing.

As with all other front-loading washers, the EFLS627UTT is Energy Star certified and uses less water to complete cycles than top-loading designs. The SmartBoost mixing and soaking features tend to use more water than other front-loaders, but the trade-off is unmatched washing performance, especially when considering stain removal. It's not the most feature-packed washing machine we've come across, but the ones that Electrolux included are real-world useful and contribute to overall performance. With all things considered, the Electrolux EFLS627UTT is our top recommendation for the best washing machine overall.

The matching dryer for the Elecrolux EFLS627UTT is the EFME627UTT (electric) or the EFMG627UTT (gas).Rating: 5/5

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