EMG 81 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup

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Expert Review

The EMG 81 humbucker pickup was made to unleash those soaring, blistering overdriven tones that can be used both to create a thick wall of sound as well as to make solo melodies cut through in an incredible way. The aforementioned dichotomy of tonal options makes the EMG 81 ideal for both rhythm playing as well as lead guitar. The pickup’s ceramic magnet works in tandem with its steel poles to provide a quick attack, all while maintaining a fat sound that has been associated with the typical humbucker tone. Putting the 81 in the bridge position is best for lead guitar work; put one in the bridge position too, and the thick wall of sound is in full effect. Best of all, this pickup is able to remain quiet even when blasting a high-gain signal, which is advantageous for players who want to push the boundaries of their tone without drawing in unwanted frequencies and feedback.Rating: 4.25/5

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