Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Entertainment System

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Many more popular companies have released compact satellite systems in recent years, and while more popular brand names like Bose and Boston Acoustics command a premium price, the Take Classic has become incredibly affordable and sounds better than many more expensive systems of similar form factor. Its not widely known, but Energy is actually Klipschs off-brand label, and when you hear the Take Classics sound, youll see why its one of the best-kept secrets in affordable home audio, and why Energy has been manufacturing the same system, with few or no modifications, for the better part of a decade. The Takes have a punchy, full sound, partly thanks to the rear bass ports on each satellite, which make for an incredibly rich sound given the speakers tiny size. They integrate seamlessly with the subwoofer, and a crossover between 100-150hz is recommended. This is noticeably lower than what might be optimal for other small systems, and its thanks to those rear bass ports that the itty bitty satellites can handle upper bass so well as to allow the woofer to handle only the lowest of lows. This keeps the deep bass performance tight and punchy, never sounding bloated or overwhelming the beautiful midrange put out by the satellites. Vocal clarity is also occasionally a problem for such compact systems, and while the Takes do not feature a dedicated center channel, dialogue still comes through loud and clear, and without forcing the midrange on the listener. Theres really very little to dislike about the Take Classics, and while they wont do full justice in a room bigger than about 3,500 ft3, they make for a perfect system in a master bedroom or medium sized den, and considering the whole system will cost you under $500, its an absolute steal.Rating: 4.75/5

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