Energy V-Mini C Center Speaker

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Expert Review

Energy speakers are well-regarded in both home and car audio, and the V-Mini C delivers on their reputation for providing solid budget options. The V-Mini is exceptional for both its size and price, and is a great choice for anyone looking to create a 5.1 bookshelf setup that won't overwhelm a small room. Sporting two woofers and a tweeter, the vocals are not as clear as with some larger center channels that incorporate mids or horns, but the sound is still very pleasing to the ears, and vocals will still be very well-defined in a small room. Those with larger spaces to fill will want to look elsewhere, as a bigger room with one or two subwoofers could easily drown out the vocals produced by the V-Mini; this is definitely a center for a smaller setup if you want to be sure to avoid the recessed movie dialogue that center channels are often seen as the cure for. The V-Mini does great with music, but again won't suit larger rooms as distortion will impact this smaller speaker before reaching necessary volumes to give a full sound for anything over ~250 square feet. Overall the V-Mini will do great in a small room, but don't expect it to replace something in the same league as the other models listed here.Rating: 4/5

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