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Expert Review

The Epik Empire is a solid subwoofer at its quoted MSRP of $1499, but at the going rate of $799, it is an absolute steal. Most woofers in this price range struggle to produce solid notes below 30 hz; the Empire, meanwhile, digs to 20hz without suffering any audible distortion, bloat, or loss in clarity, an incredible feat for anything south of $1500 and unheard of below $1000. The unit itself is simple and understated, with no real frills or extra attention paid to its appearance; its basically a black box. No fancy room correction or equalization tech to be found here, this is a subwoofer, pure and simple, and a great one at that. Splitting duties between two 15-inch woofers requires 600 watts, so a substantial amplifier is needed; the Empire is a bargain in price, not power, but if youve already got a capable receiver, you shouldnt have anything to worry about. The Empire puts out quite a bit of bass, but nowhere near the about of the TRW-17 or Sub 2, so those looking to fill big home theaters or open floorplan may need a pair, and even so the Empire will never be a true monster like these two; its quantity falls more in line with the DD18 and DB1, although it generally produces a bit more midbass than either, meaning it will work well for those who like to have fun with bass-heavy music without being overwhelming in a smaller space. Overall the Empire is a real steal at its introductory price, but even if you have to pay the full $1499, you are still getting every pennys worth in sound.Rating: 4/5

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