Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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The Gibson J-200 has been utilized by a pretty impressive list of acoustic guitarists, including Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and Pete Townshend. With Epiphone’s affordably-designed EJ-200SCE model acoustic-electric guitar, there’s definitely a high standard to meet from the get-go. Luckily, this instrument does a fine job in continuing the legacy. This thing carries a classic look immediately, with a stylish mustache bridge, gold hardware, and fingerboard crown inlays. But this isn’t just a nice-looking acoustic electric guitar

The EJ-200’s jumbo maple body offers deeply warm lows and an overall rich sound. A eSonic2 preamp system is the brain of this operation, offering onboard tone options that are recallable with the flick of a switch. A built-in tuner also makes tuning up extremely easy with this feature automatically muting the signal while engaged, meaning you can quietly make adjustments onstage without subjecting audiences to the ever-familiar tuning song.

The Shadow NanoFlex pickup installed under this guitar’s bridge captures string vibration along with top and body vibration, resulting in a more fully-formed acoustic tone. With all of the features included in this guitar, it’s surprising that the price tag is so low, but in situations like this, it’s best not to ask questions and just enjoy the experience!
Rating: 5/5

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