Equus 3120 Innova OBD2 Scanner

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    Not all cars are equipped with OBD2 ports so if you drive a 1995-or-older vehicle, it uses a discontinued format of on-board diagnostics instead. Most of these vehicles are fitted with OBD1 ports, which are shaped differently than OBD2 outlets. The Equus 3120 Innova offers the ability to scan codes from older OBD1 vehicles, and boasts a long list of extra convenience features that make this code reader an extremely versatile tool.

    The detailed readout explains any pulled codes in plain text (English, French, and Spanish), and the battery allows codes to be stored in the on-board memory for future reference. The only drawback is the higher price - on the other hand, the Equus 3120 Innova is an excellent value if you require the extra functionality.Rating: 4.25/5

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