ESP LTD B Series B-205 5-String Bass Guitar

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Expert Review

When budget-friendly instruments are brought up in conversation, people will often picture something flimsy and unreliable. It goes without saying that the ESP LTD B-205SM easily defies any stereotypes. Its 5-piece maple body assures this instrument has supreme stability, while the maple and rosewood neck give this axe a bright pop. A natural satin finish and extra thin U neck contour ensures you’ll have no discomfort playing this bass guitar, either.

Two active ESP SB-5 bridge and neck pickups are what power this bass guitar to have that extra bit of snarl and bite. You can also adjust the tone coming out of the electronics with a 3-band active EQ. The end result is a bass guitar that is great for many styles, particularly those that require the bright and funky slap sound/technique.Rating: 4.5/5

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