EXUS 77mm CPL 77 Marumi Antistatic MC Slim Thin Filter Circular Polarizer

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Although Marumi have been around for over 60 years, they have recently become quite popular among professionals and the EXUS circular polarizer is a great example why.

In a popular comparison among the most respected brands of polarizing filters, the Marumi entry scored identically to the leader of this list, the B+W Kaesemann circular polarizer, for light transmission. This means it allowed the most light through after the polarizing process. That's remarkable for a brand many have unfortunately overlooked. It's a significant metric since the major downside to using polarizers is the light one loses when attaching them.

Being multi-coated against flare, Marumi have also included an anti-static coating which should reduce the rate at which you have to clean dust and grime on the filter. The EXUS coatings also defend against oil and water, making the filter a cinch to clean even if you happen to come across particularly resilient dirt.

The EXUS circular polarizer uses thin profile rings which still retain front threads. The rings are painted matte black to prevent unwanted reflections and are even ridged to further enhance their anti-reflection properties. Though the EXUS rings aren't made of brass, Marumi have coated the ring threads with Teflon to guard against binding. It's a solution that works quite well.

Rating: 4.75/5

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