Fender Pure Vintage 74 Jazz Bass Pickup Set

Expert Review

The sound of the Fender American Vintage ’74 Jazz Bass is one that is still actively pursued by bassists. That low-end warmth and notable midrange definitely earned the instrument a special place in the hearts of bassists, particularly those who utilized slap-style funk and other expressive forms of playing. That sound has been rekindled and is able to be harnessed today with Fender’s Pure Vintage ’74 Jazz Bass pickup set. These electronics are powered by Enamel coated magnet wire, flush mount pole pieces, and cloth output wire and bobbin construction that is period correct; all of these factors combine to provide a vintage, precise sound. The dynamics captured by these pickups are more enhanced, and the string response is even and clear. There’s no need for a time machine when you’ve got these pickups, because your sound will instantly be taken back to a classic era of sound.Rating: 4.25/5

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