Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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Expert Review

As its name promises, the Fishman Loudbox Mini is capable of bumping up your acoustic guitar signal to really fill a room while still maintaining the integrity of the timbre and character of the instrument. Two channels give you plenty of options to shape and craft the amplified tone; an instrument channel features a phase switch alongside gain, low, mid, high, reverb, and chorus knobs. There’s also a mic channel which is more stripped down, with just gain, low, high, and reverb knobs. The Loudbox Mini also sports a D.I. out in its back panel, allowing you to send signal either to the house PA or to a receiving amplifier. One of the biggest appeals of this amplifier is its compact size. Clocking in at just over a foot tall and weighing less than 25 pounds, this is an ideal asset for guitarists who need to quickly and easily transport gear and find themselves playing in smaller venues like coffeehouses or tight rehearsal spaces.Rating: 5/5

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