FlinnGarlick Pax Range 24" Rip Handsaw

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Expert Review

It's actually a bit difficult to say which of these is the best; but I've decided to give me vote to the Pax Rip Saw. While there are a couple of saws on this list that might technically qualify as being better, I believe that you get more value for your money out of the Pax. It's also a very attractive saw, which should impress all your woodworking buddies.

This is a 24 inch long saw, which is not quite as long as some other rip saws, but it's not short enough to refer to it as a panel saw. The blade is made of high carbon steel and is "breasted, meaning that the cutting edge with the teeth is slightly concave so less surface area is in contact with the workpiece at one time, resulting in less force required to overcome the friction. The 4-1/2 teeth per inch are hand sharpened and taper ground. They are also precisely set to avoid binding of the saw in the wood.Rating: 5/5

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