Fluval Edge Aquarium

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With its crisp six-sided glass frame, sleek back column to house the filtration system, and modern color choices of black, white, or pewter the Fluval Edge 6 gallon aquarium will look good anywhere in your home or office. Its compact size, yet full sized appearance, makes it the perfect starter tank for any beginner wanting to mimic the feel of the Fluval Accent but not yet ready to take on the work of a 25 gallon tank. The Fluval Edge comes complete with an Edge clip on 3-stage Power Filter to extend the water quality between cleaning times. The care and maintenance is also extended thanks to an overhead ventilation grill to accommodate the Fluval Edges 21 LED lighting system. The ventilation grill helps to prevent moisture building up from the heat of the lights, which can accelerate the growth of bacteria and algae in your tank. The Fluval Edge provides everything to start it up except the fish: an Aquarium Care Guide, 30mL Nutrafin Aqua Plus Conditioner, and 30mL Nutrafin Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement. With the Fluval Edge 6 gallon, youll be a freshwater expert in no time!Rating: 4.75/5

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