Focal FPS 4160 4 Channel Car Amplifier

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Looking at the bare spec sheets of the Focal FPS 4.160, this amplifier does not seem like much of a big deal. This Class-AB amplifier puts out 120 watts RMS per channel at 4 ohms, rising to 160 watts RMS at 2 ohms. As usual with Focal, the FPS 4.160 pulls ahead due to the considerable attention to detail. The connections reveal the fact that the amplifier is symmetrical, with all of the internal wiring kept carefully separated to reduce noise. The resulting sound output is amazingly clean and free of signal noise. Large heat sinks surround the chassis, and a fan actively keeps the components cool under load. The FPS 4.160 is compatible with Focal's own High Cap external capacitors for extra stability. This level of performance and the superb build quality come with a high price tag - at over $1000 each, the Focal FPS 4.160 is definitely not a bargain.Rating: 4.75/5

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  • abbeyroad64 abbeyroad64

I have a question pertaining to the Pioneer A900 4 ch amp. Is it ok to drive other name brand speaker components with this amp or is it better to use the pioneer stage 4 speaker components?

Posted on 7/8/2013 1:07 pm | Reply