Focal Utopia Be Kit No. 7 Component System

Expert Review

If your needs focus more on absolute sound quality over price, then this may be a viable solution. Focals incredibly expensive Utopia Be speakers are among the absolute best component speaker systems that (a lot of) money can buy. These speakers are extremely high-end through and through, from the hefty aluminum padded carrying case that they come in to the high-quality, high-tech materials used in the construction. The woofer cone is made of variable thickness foam sandwiched between two layers of glass fiber. The tweeters are constructed of ultra-expensive beryllium foil in an inverted-dome layout, which gives it performance like no other. Together, these speakers have the capability of recreating a vast range of frequencies, so the term mobile concert hall is not stretching the truth one bit.

The other members of the Utopia Be family are the Kit No.5 and Kit No.6, which are 5.25-inch and 6.5-inch speakers, respectively. Kit No.7 is a 3-way system while Kit No.5 and Kit No.6 are both 2-way.Rating: 5/5

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