Formatt Hitech 58mm Linear Polarizer

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Expert Review

Formatt Hitech came to prominence in the filter world during the vacuum that was left when Lee Filters had a difficult time meeting demand for the latter's popular 10-stop neutral density filter. Formatt Hitech, after trying different neutral density formulas finally found a winner and produced a viable replacement for the Lee product. Since then, Formatt Hitech have broadened their horizons, offering quality products across many different filter types. Their screw-in linear polarizer is another filter that adds to their growing reputation among professionals.

Formatt Hitech's Linear Polarizer conforms to the Kodak Wratten color standard, so you know what you're getting if you are familiar with Kodak's color standardization methods. Formatt Hitech license this certification from Tiffen, a filter maker with a long and storied history in Hollywood film productions. Formatt Hitech also take extra steps in the glass grinding and polishing phase during manufacture to ensure supreme flatness, especially at the edges where wide-angle lenses need filter fidelity the most. So if you are a landscape photographer on a mirrorless camera and often go wide with your shots, this filter might be worth investigating further.Rating: 4.75/5

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