Franklin Sensors ProSensor Precision Stud Finder - 710

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Expert Review

The ProSensor 710 is definitely the easiest stud finder to use available today as it has a series of sensors built in, not just one. This makes it possible for the device to check for studs in multiple locations at the same time. Locations which have a stud or other solid object behind them will show by the lighting of a LED in that location and with the LEDs lighting up in that manner, you not only see where the stud is, but how wide it is as well. This unique system allows the Franklin to find multiple studs at once and if they are located close together. It’s also the only stud finder that works without sliding it across the wall. Differences in texture or drywall mud don't make a difference as the unit is always deep scanning up to 1.5 inches.Rating: 5/5