Freedom Hawk 12 Stand Up Fishing Kayak

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Expert Review

The Freedom Hawk Freedom 12 Stand-up is the perfect design for fishing in any conditions. This kayak is stable and fast and has two inline outriggers that can be moved into three different positions to allow for easy paddling, fishing or motoring. When the outriggers are in the third position, in-line behind the main nine foot kayak, the Freedom Hawk 12 becomes the ideal kayak for stand-up fishing. The outriggers can be removed for easy storage and transportation. Perfectly rigged for fishing, the Freedom 12 has a casting brace to provide stability when standing. The deck has storage for a 12-foot sectional push pole and there’s even an option to mount a motor to increase your fishing range. Two flush mount rod holders and plenty of waterproof storage round out the standard accessories for the Freedom 12. The outriggers are removable for fast and easy storage and transportation, reducing the weight from 72 pounds to 49. The overall length with the outriggers is 12 feet 3 inches. This revolutionary design ensures a safe, comfortable and efficient kayak fishing experience.Rating: 5/5

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