FunTime FT2518SK 2.5-Ounce Rockin Popper Hot Oil Popcorn Machine

Expert Review

For anytime you are looking for a little kettle corn snack, choose the Funtime Rock'n Popper 2.5 oz Hot Oil Popcorn Machine. It only makes small batches of popcorn at a time, perfect for occasions when you don't need a big bowl or you just want some popcorn to go. Although small in stature, this unit has a big 860 watt kettle heating element which makes this an incredibly fast popping machine for its size, although there’s only a little popcorn provided at a time.

It’s surrounded by acrylic glass, and the lower tray catches the popped corn which can then be removed and used as a bowl. It comes with a built-in warming light, and at nine pounds of weight this machine will go just about anywhere. This is a basic kettle corn popper yet it still delivers great tasting popcorn at a very affordable price. It comes with a one year warranty.Rating: 4/5

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